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3 Little Rules

At Sporting SOS we believe it's important to ensure children understand what is expected of them. So we have provided clear guidelines on acceptable behaviour, expectations and boundaries with our 3 simple and easily understandable rules. 

Play Kind - Be kind to ourselves, to each other, with our words and with our actions.

Play Fair - Share, play by the rules, be honest and respectful at all times.

Play True - Take care of ourselves, our belongings and our environment.

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SOS Sessions Behaviour Policy

  • Sporting SOS expects all children to behave in a kind, respectful and honest way.

  • Children are expected to follow the 3 little Sporting SOS rules at all times.

  • The first time a child breaks the rules they will receive a verbal warning.  The Sporting SOS coach will make sure the child is clear about what they did wrong, why it is wrong, which rule they broke and what the consequences are of further rule breaking.  They will also offer alternative ways to handle the situation. 

  • Any subsequent breaking of rules will result in a 5 minute timeout, where the child will be asked to sit quietly and reflect on their behaviour.  The coach will again explain what went wrong and what they could have done differently.  After the timeout the child will be expected to apologise to anyone who may have been hurt by their actions before returning to the session.

  • All timeouts will be reported to parents/carers.

  • Bullying and fighting will not be tolerated at Sporting SOS.  Any instances of this will result in an immediate timeout, reporting to parents/carers and potential exclusion from further Sporting SOS sessions.

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