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Sporting SOS resources are here to help you find

and provide support, advice and guidance. 

TRACK SOS is our Sporting SOS puzzle made up of 5 key life skills that can be put together in order to help children feel more complete and help them to see the bigger picture.  
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Our Sporting SOS 3 Little Rules provide clear guidelines on acceptable behaviour, expectations and boundaries to be used in sessions.
The Skilled Helper is a popular model for helping people to recognise and face their issues and find ways to move forward.
WATCH SOS is a library of useful YouTube videos that can support your learning and training around Mental Health, Well-being and Life Skills.   
How do ask How Are You and REALLY mean it? explains how to create the right setting to get someone to open up and share how they really feel.
The How Are You Feeling Charts can help people identify their feelings by colours and numbers which are often easier than finding the right words.
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